I always feel a lot surer on my feet and a bit safer in the world after a reading with Leslie...a bit more certain of the lay of the land. And often more trusting in what was my base instinct (before I allowed myself to add fear or wishful thinking to a thing!) It's a terrific and invaluable gift and service that she provides. I value and appreciate Leslie and the work she does!

Boston, MA

Leslie's input and advice has been very helpful to me over the past few years. Her perspective regarding my health issues has been awesome! She solved a long-term problem where neither western or alternative doctors had been able to help me. Thanks so much Leslie!

Atlanta, GA

Leslie, with her caring, intelligent, direct reading style, helped me get to the bottom of a profound life and career issue early in our first session. She not only identified all the related issues, but was able to pinpoint and explain it's initial cause- as well as offer appropriate advice on steps I could take in my life to heal and correct things. As a result, I have begun transforming my life and have opened a new business and have taken on the choices of the new lessons I have learned via Leslie.

I have since sent another friend to Leslie. She was surprised by the information she received and grateful for the frankness and clarity of information. It has allowed her to make positive changes that are already leaving her happier.

Leslie is a treasure, a lovely person, who provides a profound and deeply needed spiritual service. I only wish I had been able to see her at 20 years old instead of 42 that I am now. I give Leslie my highest recommendation.

Atlanta, GA


I've been calling Leslie for 7 or 8 years now off and on, and I can tell you, Leslie always tunes in to exactly where I am, and gives whatever it is that is most needed for me to move forward, whether it is more clear understanding of what is really going on, healing or releasing energy blocks from the past or messages from guides, etc. She comes only from love and desire to help. Leslie's warm, easy to talk to, and I always feel more spiritually connected, as well as grounded in the practical, real world of my life. I always have the same feelings after talking to her--gratitude and joy--thankful and glad for her help.

Olympia, WA

I first came to Leslie when a friend noticed that I was not looking right. I had been through an emotional time, and my car broke down, and I had a hard time feeling grounded. Every time I got in a car for the previous two weeks other cars almost hit me. One of them finally did while I was sitting at a red light. And still each time I got in a car I would have 4-5 near misses, whether I was driving or not(including on my ride to our appointment). The cars felt like bullets on the road. I was preparing for a 10 hour car ride in a couple days and was scared to drive. My friend gifted me an hour with Leslie. I would not have gone on my own. I don't need to know the future. I work with myself to understand what I need right now. I'm healthy and happy. Yet, I trusted my friend and recognized that I could use some help.

When at Leslie's the session was not at all what I preconceived a psychic session would be like. She did not ask me anything, she just started talking. The things she said were not magical. They were meaningful. She has an amazing skill of communicating what is most instrumental for you to understand at this juncture so that you can continue on your path. She helped bring light to the deeper currents of life I was responding to unconsciously. She gave me practical tools to help me constructively address the needs these currents were fulfilling. With awareness, work and time, healing and growing continue. When I was done with my session I felt very grounded. I had a clear understanding. I got in my car and drove easily home. Cars left me alone. My 10 hour drive went on without a hitch. Before I saw her I did not feel like I was going to make it home from that trip in one piece.

Leslie is amazing. With an open heart and a clear vision she can remove the veils you can't presently see through, enabling smoother change and progress along your path. Thank you Leslie for your dedication in sharing your gift with others.

Austin, TX

I remember my first session with Leslie. I went for the novelty and within the first two minutes I was stunned. I was always able to shield myself from truly being known. Within those first few minutes Leslie said words that made me feel exposed and understood like I never thought I would be in this life. That first session was a beginning for me. Through the years I have never forgotten that moment and have worked with Leslie as she has helped me in my growth to honoring myself, attaining a clear loving relationship and gaining a strength and understanding of where I want to be at this moment in time.

I honor and recommend Leslie as a reader and as an energy body worker with a psychic twist.

Atlanta, GA

Thank you again for being a wonderful conduit to clarity for myself and those I love. Your past advice has provided us much comfort and purpose.

Athens, GA

Leslie is the one person, bar none, who helped me the most when I was lost on my spiritual path.  That's a big accomplishment for anyone to fill, considering many of us get on our spiritual path using TONS of resources along the way!  I still feel that way, and routinely refer her to clients, as well as to friends or people I meet who are lost.

Atlanta, GA

Since my path crossed with Leslie's three years ago, my feelings about her talents have evolved tremendously. At first I thought "Why would I go to a psychic, I can help myself!" and "Maybe it isn't good to know about the future--maybe it will change me by creating fear or preconceived notions." However, at one point I called her and now it is clear that by calling her I was helping myself--as one would go to a medical doctor or psychologist is also seeking help. And oh! How she has helped me!

Leslie opened up a spiritual path to me by setting an example and reminding my conscious mind of what my higher consciousness already knows--that there is so much more to us than that which exists on the physical plane. She opened the door to my own journey and I am moving forward trying to bring spirit into all that I do, every single day. It has brought great joy to that which before was considered mundane. Some people might call Leslie a psychic and indeed, she has psychic powers in the traditional sense of having the ability to see the future. But I personally see her more as a healer. She has helped me tackle and dissolve emotional, spiritual and physical energy blockages. These were blockages that were preventing me from reaching my potential as a loving human being.

Leslie can see the future, but more importantly, she can see the present, clearly. I tell other's that she taps into your higher mind and she can only see what our own mind/heart/spirit already knows. She brings inner truth and higher self into contact with the conscious.

Every single person that I've referred to her for spiritual guidance has been so happy that they took the step to reach out to her. Not one person has been dissappointed by her guidance. Leslie doesn't always tell us what we want to hear, but she tells us what we need to hear. Sometimes I look back at notes from previous readings and find treasures that before were simply jotted in passing and without understanding. Leslie really does inspire me in so many ways.
Thank you.