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What if you had access to everything your Higher Self knows and is?  What if you knew your Higher Self is more real than you are?  And if you knew that everything in your illusion you call "life," was a reflection of your resistance or their love, how would you go forward from now? 

Life is the story you tell yourself is real...your myth that colors everything you think, do, believe, create.  What if you imagine for a moment that you have no past?  None of the beliefs or limitations you have decided are real exist, but only the current moment?

And while in that moment, what if you also knew you had total access to the full breadth of your Higher Self's love, power, imagination, vision, and creativity?  What would you be doing now?  Is there anything you could not create? 

Your Higher Self is not in you, you are in it.  Your Higher Self is the more real Self...you are the illusion.  Could they change your world if you ask?  Will you let them love you?  Will you allow me to help?  This is my goal.  Let me help you find them, because they are waiting for you to awaken.