energy work

Energy comes first, then everything else follows, be it your body or anything of your physical domain. But through beliefs and attitudes, experiences, fears or false perceptions, our energies get stopped down or "blocked." The more open your energy centers are to receive your full energy flow, the more vital and alive you can feel and the more dynamically positive your creations and life can be.

Energy opening assists any growth or changes you are wanting to make, by bringing more of your Truer Self present. It allows a state of well being and more access to positive futures within your realm of possibility. It can allow awarenesses to pop and blends you more fully with your Higher Self and Soul, bringing you to a state where your powerful choices can be all that more powerful, co-creatively.

Each session is tailored and varies to each individual. Guidance from your Higher Self and Soul is Leslie's highest priority.  Leslie combines many modalities and is a Reiki Master.

Available in person or done remotely.