healing pain intensive

Pain, everyone has it in one form or another, be it etheric, emotional, mental or physical. Once present, it becomes a self-perpetuating energy that cycles in and out of your reality, over and over again, until healed.

It takes on many forms. Pain can become lodged into your body's joints and organs, contributing to diseases of all kinds, like cancers, joint and back pain, fibromyalsia, clogged arteries and heart disease, etc.

It can contribute to behavioral or psychological patterns, such as addictions, obsessive emotional or thought patterns, or obsessive/compulsive behaviors.

It can also outpicture in your world as experiences you encounter or witness or as painful situations seemingly uncontrollable, that produce crisis in your world. Seemingly out of nowhere, except that "nowhere" is your Unconscious Mind.

The key is to redirect the energy cycle, to heal the energy and transform it into something more loving and productive for you. Initiating new directives then unifies goals within the functioning of your Conscious, Sub-Conscious and Unconscious Minds.

Leslie then goes further, retrieving and reintegrating parts of your Soul that were lost or dropped through the pain. Once integrated, your Higher Self and she then reimagine for you your Image of Self and the dimensionality within which you function in your reality. Once your backdrop is healed, they realign you to your most positive Future Self that is free of pain. Hope can be restored.  Yes, you can have a more promising future.


Because of the intense nature of this intricate, deep trance work, Leslie only works with one Healing Pain Intensive person at a time. This limits her to only 2-3 of these healings per month. Therefore she does require a $400 non-refundable deposit at the time you set up you appointment, with the balance due the day before your work is scheduled to begin.

You can expect aprox. 10 hours of work within a 10-12 day period, which is aprox. 1.5 hours of interactive time that you and Leslie work together by phone and aprox 8.5 hours of healing work that Leslie facilitates separately while in deeper trance. Because this deeper trance work is done remotely, it often times can be done while you are sleeping at home.

Leslie's fee for the Healing Pain Intensive is $1600. She also recommends a short follow up quarterly for the first year following your intensive, to reinforce the new directives and fully ground your new healing path.


Disclaimer: Leslie is not a physician and does not encourage stopping medications without first consulting with your physician. She is not responsible for your decisions or choices to continue, implement or discontinue products or medications. Always consult your doctor.