Soul visioning/dreaming

After discussing with you what it is you are wanting to create, Leslie then privately goes into meditation to facilitate etherically meeting and merging with your Soul, and giving them the energy of what you are wanting. She combines this with some sacred moments of joy and love, and your Soul then takes these energies and creates for you your Vision and it's symbol.

Once complete, your Soul and Leslie together embed this symbol into your heart center.  There it serves as a modulator, attracting your Soul's Vision to you, from the more real outside this dimension, into the illusion you call your life.

Then you simply be open to receiving your dream.

Leslie has had more than one client see results in their lives the very next day from this technique. That's not to say that everyone will see those results, because you determine what is possible for you through your beliefs, the dimensionality of your Image and your ability to receive. However, this technique can be stunningly beautiful when your Vision is in alignment with your Soul's path! Invite your Soul to be more present and active in your life's creations!