becoming a member


The membership portion of Leslie's site gives access to weekly study groups via conference calls, a forum to share your growth and study experiences with members, as well as provides an avenue to build a community, something Leslie feels is helpful in everyone's growth process.


Membership may be purchased monthly or quarterly.
$29.95 per month
$79.95 per quarter


Once your membership payment is received, you will be sent an ID and password via email before the next class session begins, or within 24 hrs if the session has already begun. Thank you!



Conference calls are on the first 4 Saturdays of each month at 10am EST. 

(If you are Central time the call is 9am, Mountain time the call is 8am, Pacific time the call is 7am, Alaska time the call is 6am, Hawaii time is 4am.)

Each call is recorded.  You may listen again at anytime throughout the week at your convenience.  The conference call phone # and replay phone # can always be found on the conference call page, which is visible only once you are logged in to the member section of the website.